Protecting Seniors from Financial Abuse: When is it too much?

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Protecting our loved ones is one of our main duties in life, especially when it comes to the elderly. Protecting seniors help restrict people with cruel intentions from taking advantage of the elderly’s trusting nature, preventing elder abuse and financial abuse. But when is it too restrictive and disrespectful to a senior? The elderly fall […]

Identity Theft: Common Tricks and How To Protect Yourself

0 protect yourself from identity theft and learn some common tricks and prevention tips

Erin Bui chats about the prevalence of identity theft and their common tricks. She gives us identity theft prevention tips and encourages everyone to become aware. Identity theft might not sound as frightening to someone who hasn’t experienced it. However, once it happens to you or your loved one, you will usually take a different perspective, […]

Seniors, Be Aware and Beware of These Common Scams

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Erin Bui chats about the tragic Ed Faust Grandparent Scam story and gives a rundown of the most common scammer tricks, gives advice on how you can be a senior scam stopper, and learn about senior scam prevention in order to protect yourself and your senior loved one. While we would like to believe the world […]

Time Flies: Kids Are Grown, “Empty Nest” Looms

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Erin Bui chats about her parents and the concerns of a mature couple, at the stage in life where they’re sending their children off to college, helping pay for college costs, and the important checklist of things to do as the empty nest looms. When you were young and just got married, you probably thought you […]

The Advanced Health Care Directive

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We discuss the importance of having an Advanced Health Care Directive (aka Living Will) and the important choices you must make in this living document. The Advanced Health Care Directive, also known as a Living Will, is one of the most important documents in the estate planning process. What this document does is it specifies what […]