How To Avoid Clipping Coupons and Pinching Pennies In Your Old Age

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Erin Bui chats about her grandmother’s financial constraints in Vietnam, which mirrors what many seniors are going through in the United States. Creating a protection plan (encompassing estate plan, life insurance, and annuities), should help ease the financial worries seniors face. After working so hard all your life, there finally comes a time when you […]

Breaking The Cycle of Poverty: Start With Your Mindset

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Marc Ang gives a pep talk about some financial basics, such as saving money, not spending more than you have and focusing on your financial goals; based on a real life example of a successful retiree, Carla. Having financial basics are key before you even think about insurance and investing and keeps you from being […]

The Young Family Preparation Checklist

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Michelle Sun gives young families and couples just starting out their household, a list of to-do items such as estate planning, life insurance, disability insurance and basic investments. With the birth of a new child comes the celebration of life, but with younger kids comes more financial responsibility and care, especially during the first few […]

Estate Planning for Dummies: The Basics (Part 1)

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Why estate planning is crucial, and what kind of huge debt you could be leaving to your family if you die prematurely. Homeowners, a living trust is crucial, as well as the rest of the estate planning checklist. Estate planning can be an overwhelming process. So much so that people just throw their hands up […]

Finance 101: Never Forget Personal Finance Basics

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Be smarter with your money. Learn about the basics of personal finance and what it can lead to. Every personal financial consultant loves to talk about fancy tax-friendly investment products, yet they are only helpful if a solid financial base has been established. If there is no base, all the investment vehicles in the world […]