Annuities Basics: Frequently Asked Questions

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In this blog post, Eric discusses annuities basics and most frequently asked questions. She delves into the advantages of annuities, as well its disadvantages. Additionally, she describes the five types of annuities that you may come across. What are annuities? When a person invests in an annuity, that person is setting the stage to receive income in the […]

Time Flies: Kids Are Grown, “Empty Nest” Looms

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Erin Bui chats about her parents and the concerns of a mature couple, at the stage in life where they’re sending their children off to college, helping pay for college costs, and the important checklist of things to do as the empty nest looms. When you were young and just got married, you probably thought you […]

How To Avoid Clipping Coupons and Pinching Pennies In Your Old Age

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Erin Bui chats about her grandmother’s financial constraints in Vietnam, which mirrors what many seniors are going through in the United States. Creating a protection plan (encompassing estate plan, life insurance, and annuities), should help ease the financial worries seniors face. After working so hard all your life, there finally comes a time when you […]