Financial Independence Through The Right Habits & Knowledge

0 financial basics independence budgeting and saving habits

Erin Bui chats about helpful tips on keeping your debt in check (avoid consumer debt like the plague), having your emergency fund, learning about insurance and investments, and basic budgeting and saving habits we should adopt. Her goal is financial independence and she is right on track! Financial independence and stability is my goal. I […]

Identity Theft: Common Tricks and How To Protect Yourself

0 protect yourself from identity theft and learn some common tricks and prevention tips

Erin Bui chats about the prevalence of identity theft and their common tricks. She gives us identity theft prevention tips and encourages everyone to become aware. Identity theft might not sound as frightening to someone who hasn’t experienced it. However, once it happens to you or your loved one, you will usually take a different perspective, […]

Taxation When It Comes To Social Security Benefits

0 taxation on social security benefits and calculating social security benefits tax

Marc Ang discusses about some of Social Security benefits tips and the technical aspects of taxation on Social Security benefits and also gives examples on calculating social security benefits tax. For many active seniors who want to continue working, or are savvy investors making passive income, there are some tax nuances to consider. Many seniors […]