The Young Family Preparation Checklist

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Michelle Sun gives young families and couples just starting out their household, a list of to-do items such as estate planning, life insurance, disability insurance and basic investments. With the birth of a new child comes the celebration of life, but with younger kids comes more financial responsibility and care, especially during the first few […]

Do you need a Living Trust or is a Will sufficient?

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You have worked hard for what you have and are interested in understanding where your wealth would go if something unplanned were to happen. Of course you don’t want a random probate court to decide what would happen to your assets when they find you don’t have any written legal representation. Your options as of […]

Probate State by State Thresholds

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Do you have enough assets to warrant probate? Do you know what the probate process consists of? Check your state’s thresholds here, and what types of property count towards those limits. Thanks to LegalMatch’s Pavel Leshchinskiy for this thorough and concise write-up: Note: The original article was published in 2015. Make sure to do a […]