Estate Planning for Dummies: The Basics (Part 1)

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Why estate planning is crucial, and what kind of huge debt you could be leaving to your family if you die prematurely. Homeowners, a living trust is crucial, as well as the rest of the estate planning checklist. Estate planning can be an overwhelming process. So much so that people just throw their hands up […]

5 Reasons Why Long Term Disability Insurance Is Awesome

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Many people think about long term disability insurance: when it’s too late. Protect your income and lock in your standard of living while wages are high and sleep better at night. Don’t wait until an injury or sickness takes you down the financial drain. Long term disability insurance? Why would I ever need that? Ok. […]

Conquer Education Costs: Form 529

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Something critical to consider for those who are either thinking about having children or already have them is how to fund their future education costs, which is rising so much faster than the average inflation rate it’s scary! Here’s how. Form 529 Now, there are very few investment vehicles that are truly tax free. The […]